Hydraulic Presses

Four Moving Front-Dump Scrap Baling Press


Four Moving Front-Dump

In the four-stroke wicket scrap packaging press, the scrap reservoir is designed to achieve a larger bale, facilitating the compression of larger sized scrap material.

In order to save our presses more rapidly and more rapidly, a multi-pump system is applied. In the place where the aim is less, it is possible to move faster in the place where there is less force and to reduce the loss of time to the minimum,

Every surface that is contacted by the scrap is coated with high quality, hard-to-wear hardness plates. The damage that can occur due to unauthorized removal of the scabbard is minimized and the possibility of working longer. With its strong body structure, it works smoothly for years, even though it is heavy. It can be easily moved with desired wheels thanks to its wheels.